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Bio-Metric Security, Time & Attendance

We specialize in biometric, time attendance and access control systems. Safe time and money today!

Mobile & Cloud-Based Staff Attendance & Scheduling

Efficiency is key in any business organization - the mismanagement of staff's time & effort will only hold a company back. The usage of advanced time clock devices, such as FingerTec biometric terminals, and TimeTec TA , the cloud-based solution for automated Time & Attendance, will help your company operate at its full potential

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Attendance Management

Provides a complete view of employees’ attendance in real-time.

Employee Management

Stores and manages employees’ profile, login information, hierarchy, etc.

Schedules & Rosters Management

Allow set up of working time schedules, rosters and company’s leave types.

TimeTec Mobile

Offers mobile solution for employees to report and view their attendance.

Report & Payroll

Offers 31 pre-configured reports and allows data to be exported directly to payroll.

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