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Enterprise Cloud

The ability to deliver on-demand infrastructure with zero operational overhead.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Public cloud services are forcing IT teams to re-think datacenter design to reduce cost and complexity, and deliver services with cloud-like agility and scale. Businesses value the fractional consumption and pay-as-you-grow economics of the public cloud, and the ability to deliver on-demand infrastructure with zero operational overhead.


At the same time, enterprises must also:

  • Balance renting versus owning IT infrastructure to accommodate changing workload requirements
  • Keep sensitive company information and customer data in their private cloud
  • Tailor application performance and data protection SLAs to meet stringentbusiness needs
  • Possess the freedom to choose the right technology for each projectNutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform delivers the simplicity, agility and fractional IT consumption bene ts of public cloud, with the control and security needed in the enterprise datacenter. Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS software leverages industry’s most popular hyperconverged technology coupled with comprehensive operations management, automation and orchestration framework to deliver any application at any scale.


What is Enterprise Cloud?

An Enterprise Cloud is a uni ed IT operating environment that melds private, public and distributed clouds, providing a single point of control for managing infrastructure and applications in any cloud. The Enterprise Cloud delivers a consistent, high-performance and seamless experience for both cloud operators and consumers of cloud-delivered services and applications.





With Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, customers get:

  • A 100% software-driven infrastructure stack, converging storage, virtualization, networking and security to deliver any type of application through Nutanix Acropolis
  • Intuitive, consumer-grade, end-to-end infrastructure management and operations through Nutanix Prism
  • Advanced automation and orchestration of applications running in Nutanix clouds and public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform through Nutanix Calm
  • Cloud services that natively extend the capabilities of datacenter infrastructure through Nutanix Xi Cloud Services



Full Stack Infrastructure Services with Acropolis

Nutanix Acropolis software integrates compute, storage, virtualization, networking and data protection services, running on industry-leading servers from Nutanix, Dell EMC, Lenovo, Cisco, HPE, IBM and more.


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The platform includes an enterprise-grade hypervisor, Nutanix AHV, so virtualization no longer needs to be purchased, licensed and managed separately. Storage is delivered as a set of software-de ned services—including VM storage supporting almost any virtualized workload, block storage for bare-metal and external applications, le storage for end-user les and virtual desktop deploy- ments, and persistent storage for container-based applications.


The solution also includes resiliency, native data protection, and disaster recovery to enable high application availability. Acropolis software is built using web-scale engineering principles: 100% software-de ned, fully distributed system architecture with no single point of failure, and built-in self-healing. With a complete infrastructure stack capable of running any workload at any scale, IT leaders can nally focus on the applications that power their businesses.


Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is managed via Nutanix Prism - providing simple, elegant management of infrastructure and applications across both private and public clouds. An intuitive interface reduces complex operations to a single click, and comprehensive REST APIs can be used to automate datacenter management.

With true consumer-grade simplicity, IT managers are immediately productive; managing everything from compute, VM operations, storage, data protection and disaster recovery -- across one or multiple sites. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS becomes smarter over time with patented X-Fit machine-learning technology that leverages data-driven algorithms to reduce unplanned administrator intervention.


Nutanix Calm orchestrates the provisioning, scaling and management of applications across multiple environments, making the entire IT infrastructure more agile and application-centric. Calm includes powerful self-service capabilities to dramatically streamline daily operations and eliminate the wait time for specialized resources.

  • Application lifecycle management to automatically provision and scale applications
  • Customizable blueprints incorporate all application elements into an easy-to-use template to make application operations easy and repeatable
  • Nutanix Marketplace enables application blueprints to be published for self-service end-user consumption
  • Role-based governance limits user operations and requests based on policy
  • Hybrid cloud application management automates the provisioning of hybrid cloud architectures, and scales applications across cloud environments. 



Xi Cloud Services provide a native extension to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, delivering an integrated public cloud environment that can be instantly provisioned and automatically con gured. With a single operating system spanning across Xi Cloud and customer’s datacenter, hybrid cloud solutions can be deployed with unmatched simplicity. The rst Xi service is an integrated disaster recovery (DR) solution that eliminates the need for secondary datacenters.

When applications and administrators are not constrained by infrastructure, IT teams can leverage the best of public and private clouds to build a successful hybrid cloud.



The world’s most advanced enterprises rely on Nutanix technology and solutions to power their most demanding workloads at any scale. Want to know more about the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud? Find out about what we do and register for a live 15-minute demonstration.

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