Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine as a service. VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

Our server hosting is geared towards SME businesses and developers. To ensure total peace of mind, our SSD Cloud Servers come backed with efficient service and support from our dedicated teams as well as our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Our aim is to provide a high quality infrastructure with the highest level of performance and reliability in a Cloud Hosting Environment that you can offer to your customers, with a 99.99% guaranteed up-time.

SSD Disks: Super fast

Super fast, high reliability, local RAID, Solid State Disks operating at up to 100,000 iOPS ensure that your applications run quickly and data is served to your users at lightning speed.

Global Datacenters

SSD VPS is available in 10 VPS.NET-operated data center facilities and we plan to roll out to other global datacenters. For other locations, check out our Cloud VPS service which operates from 22 global datacenters across five continents.

Free SSL: Security

Other hosting companies may charge for SSL certificates, but at VPS.NET, we believe that security is a top priority that should be available at no cost to clients. Improve your SEO rankings and build a reputation of confidential reliability while knowing that your information will be kept under lock and key

99.9% SLA: Performance Guarantee

We strive to provide reliable hosting with performance that is backed by our SLA. If we fail to achieve 99.9% availability for SSD VPS servers in any monthly period, we’ll credit your account with the affected portion of your monthly bill.

24×7 Support: Helping Hands

Have a question at three o’clock in the morning? No problem. Our expert 24x7x365 support team has you covered. Whether you have a problem to solve or simply need some advice, we’re here to help by email, chat and phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Assisted Start-Up: We Can Do it For You (Free introductory offer)

Web hosting can be tough, especially in the beginning. Whether you’re setting up a new server or moving from an existing provider, simply answer a few questions & we can get your server up and running and data migrated in no time at all.
  • 4 Core Processors
  • 2GB Memory
  • 50GB SSD Disk
  • 4T Traffic
  • 4 Core Processors
  • 4GB Memory
  • 100GB SSD Disk
  • 5T Traffic
  • 4 Core Processors
  • 1GB Memory
  • 25GB SSD Disk
  • 3T Traffic
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 512MB Memory
  • 15GB SSD Disk
  • 1TB Traffic