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See exactly how every component is connectedApp Dynamics Application Performance Management

Transform the way modern business is built and run
Let our Application Performance Management (APM) solution monitor your apps and give you the power to ensure flawless customer experiences. Complex distributed applications demand end-to-end management. Our APM solution delivers application mapping, dynamic baselining, and code-level diagnostics.

App Dynamics APM automatically discovers, maps, and visualizes your critical customer journeys through each application service and infrastructure dependency. Teams have a single source of truth to focus on end-to-end performance in the context of the customer experience, instead of monitoring individual services. Business owners can now monitor real time business performance

Through machine learning, we know what normal performance is, so we can alert you when it’s not. App Dynamics APM integrates directly with Service Now, Pager Duty, and Jira so that you can be immediately alerted and fix problems before customers notice. Provides applications and business monitoring platform that empowers the worlds largest enterprises.


Visualize real-time business,
and application performance

Make sure application performance meets employee and customer needs, find bottlenecks, address inefficiencies and speed performance

Understand how application performance impacts your customers and business by fast and easy access to your applications and business dashboard, track statistics and overall conversation rate. Let us help you manage your platform with ease. In a world where the volume and complexity of code is increasing we help our customers make sense of that single touch that initiates lines of code in real time.

From code to customer experience, App Dynamics gives you the visibility and intelligence needed to drive the performance of your app’s, experiences and ultimately the success to your business.

App Dynamics and Cisco take technology to a place it’s never gone before to create the self-driving enterprise. Creating an IT infrastructure that requires ZERO hands-on. App Dynamics provides the magic for Cisco in helping transform businesses.

With App Dynamics we can pin point exactly where the problem is to increase improvement in productivity and user experience, With NovaCloud we can help to run a secure digital business to you needs and allow you to be at the center of your information.

AppDynamics is the key to success in any business that gives you a tremendous amount of viability in where you need to go and how to get there. AppDynamics application and business performance monitoring gives you real time visibility into your applications and customer experience.

Immediate, automated, code-level diagnostics, Deep diagnostic capabilities enable you to identify root-cause down to the individual line of code. Avoid sifting through log files and save valuable developer time. Once deployed, the agents immediately begin watching every line of code and inject a unique tag

Drive your app and business performance, connect application performance and customer experience to your business outcomes with a smarter approach to performance management

Get real-time performance monitoring from code-level to customer experience, make sure application performance meets employee and customer needs, create superior customer experiences across your mobile apps or websites, the intelligent choice for application and business performance monitoring and infrastructure visibility on you application performance.

Infrastructure Visibility, monitor and optimize your journey as you move through your applications infrastructure, make sure application performance is fully supported by your infrastructure with server, database and network performance visibility. Infrastructure visibility lets you drill into business transactions to see and troubleshoot server and network issues

Auto-discover load balancers and visualize network performance metrics in the context of your application performance. Manage your production infrastructure—servers, databases, and networks


Deploy, upgrade and maintain tens of thousands of agents with ease


Manage agents with low production impact


Configuration designed for large enterprise environments

Business Performance Monitoring

The intelligent choice for application and business performance monitoring.

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    Unit 2A | 12 Victoria Link | Route 21 Business Park | Centurion | 0178

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