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System Management Arts Service Assurance partnered
with VMWare

Providing visible insight into operational efficiency and accuracy all while controlling costs

Software that automates complex IT management tasks efficiently and effectively, and here’s how…

Smarts’ solutions deliver automated real-time root causes and impact analysis of networks, systems, and applications for thousands of customers around the world. Whether it’s a telecommunications network or one that supports an enterprise or service provider, any type of businesses can benefit from Smarts’ ability to automatically adapt to any managed system.

The result of these efforts is a patented technology that intelligently and automatically adapts to managed systems and with NovaCloud we can ensure applications and IT services are delivered consistently and at the highest possible levels, we can quickly identify root causes and risk conditions, and proactively resolve performance and configuration issues before the business is impacted.

With service assurance suite you get integrated, extensible management platforms that deliver value by enabling IT operations to, ensure service levels, resolve problems faster and proactively address issues, while eliminating IT Service-delivery risk conditions, increasing operational efficiency and decreasing ongoing operational costs. By optimizing service levels, we maximize resources and control costs.
Presenting the actionable information needed to make well informed decisions about improving the quality of services by measuring and reporting symptoms from the root cause of the problem, while also identifying what else is impacted.
As business services become increasingly complex, automation and performs tasks that cannot be done manually and therefore together with VMWare we can diagnose key problems that threaten business services and identify the impact they can have on other IT objects in this field.

Fast and Reliable Connectivity

Poor connectivity within an organisation can be a burden on productivity and performance and can actually hinder employees going about their jobs.  You often hear people talk about “good connectivity” being a major positive. Ultimately, good connectivity for business is about empowering communication, personal productivity and team collaboration for greater efficiency and competitiveness.

Let us help you to keep your company thriving, NovaCloud technology can help you
connect your business to the world, secure it, and communicate more effectively using reliable, affordable options that fit your unique needs.

Is it time for your company to increase productivity, improve security and  customer service, or reduce costs? Then look no further

If you’re in business, you connect to the world’s largest public network the Internet. Is the way that your company connects to customers and suppliers and connects employees to each other, Take a first step and use the latest innovations in the cloud while maintaining premises systems.

What Should You Look For In a Connected Cloud Provider?

Connect and protect your data in the cloud. And when it comes to connectivity we offer the following:

Built-in functionality to easily exchange data
• Pre-built connections to existing
on-premises systems
• Cloud-based point and click connection service
• Built-in recommendation engine to map to
existing connections

We can provide fixed voice and data connectivity for your organisation that’s both secure and reliable – so your employees can work seamlessly together in the office and on the go. Our business connectivity infrastructure provides a resilient platform for your critical business applications, which will help you respond quickly to opportunities and threats.

The team at NovaCloud have actively researched and identified the critical elements which enable businesses across the board to thrive. These fundamentals all rest within the hands of stable internet solutions, excellent connectivity and reliable people.

This knowledge has helped us to formulate the best products to get connected and grow your business!

Call us today to get your small business from average, the worlds most successful enterprise


Knowing a problem’s impact is essential for determining the priority and the level of effort that a problem merits


Smarts software discovers all the logical and physical objects and elements in your overall IT infrastructure


Monitoring the infrastructure holistically, across IT domains, and automatically integrating and correlating data


Key Problems that threaten business services needs to be pinpointed and is essential for resolving it correctly.
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Unit 2A | 12 Victoria Link | Route 21 Business Park | Centurion | 0178

Copyright by NovaCloud (Pty) Ltd. All rights reserved.

Copyright by NovaCloud (Pty) Ltd. All rights reserved.