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Why You Should Choose a Hosted PBX for Your Business

With a hosted PBX, introducing a whole new phone system to your company isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s quick and easy to set up so there’s no down time for your business or expensive installation costs. Moreover, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll receive the best service and support and that your business’ communications are in safe hands.

So what are some of the benefits of hosted business VoIP?

  • Lower setup costs – as the PBX system is virtual, the initial investment is minimal as there is no need for the costly hardware and installation that a traditional PBX requires.
  • Elimination of maintenance costs – your PBX is hosted by us so there is no need to hire someone in house to manage and maintain it.
  • A scalable solution – hosted PBXs are easy to scale up or down with minimal work and costs.
  • User-friendly – For end-users, a virtual PBX is conveniently simple to use and manage. There’s no need for any training or specialized skills so you can start using your new business phone system right away.
  • Unbeatable mobility & global potential – with a hosted PBX solution, employees can work from anywhere. All they need is internet access. Additionally, multiple offices can be connected by the same system eliminating inter-office call charges

Calling Rates – Local Destinations – Effective from the 1st of March 2014

Telkom Landlines Local and National All R 0.34 per min R 0.31 per min
All Cellular Networks All R 0.79 per min R 0.64 per min
Euphoria to Euphoria All Free Free
Inter-extension / Inter-branch All Free Free

International Destinations

Download our International destination calling rates PDF here

Download our Premium International destination calling rates PDF here

Know your account status anywhere, anytime

Our easy-to-read dashboard page gives you a big-picture summary of your account in a glance. See your call volumes per day, costs and credit status, and even a breakdown of numbers dialled by area code.

Automate with ease

Customisable automation features ensure your calls are answered, routed and handled correctly every time. Updating and changing your menus, media and routing is easily done from the user-friendly interface on your TMS.

Keep your number

With geographic landline number porting, you can keep your number no matter what service provider you use.

Analyse your data

The TMS not only helps control and track your system’s activity, it helps you analyse it too. Incoming and outgoing call trends and costs, agent performance, and detailed customer experience information is all at the tip of your fingers.

Help Out, Listen In or Take Part

The Real Time Call Monitor give you three participation options, letting you listen in, help out, or participate in any call your agents are handling – all from the comfort of your own desk. Training new call centre staff has never been easier.

Monitor the health of your system

View the status and activity of every extension in your entire system in an instant. A quick glance at the extension monitor and you’ll know exactly who’s online, offline, on hold, or away.

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